Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Nov 7

Freeze again last night ... crisp and clear morning ... and the sun's up (time change) ... morning run, clean pens (the extra hour apparently is too long for DB,Banshee and Corey ...) dogs very lively, Corey galloping around property, DB running in circles, Banshee and Snoopy chasing each other ... woowee! Feed and kennel (Corey's left ear still bad) go to church ... return, Corey inside, others out, take for mid day run ... still pretty cold (around 50) ... in for lunch ... let others out to  brush Corey ... finish, Corey is lying peacefully beside me at computer when the Damcat saunters up and SWATS at Corey ... Corey jumps up and backs away ... put Damcat in bedroom, let other dogs in for nap. Go out again for an hpur or so of mowing, manage to get lawnmower stuck... husband is installing heater in pumphouse ... go back inside, almost dark , getting cold,  so fix food, feed and kennel ... then go unstick mower. No little Mattie all day ... I really miss her when she doesnt visit.

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