Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tuesday Nov.2

Cold and cloudy with a high wind ... yuk. Morning run unpleasant for me, dogs enjoy it however, the wind rippling through their fur, their noses lifted to catch every scent .. horses in back are bucking and kicking and generally having a grand time too ... stay briefly in back 9the wind cuts through my jeans like a knife, need to start wearing my winter longjohns) ... feed and kennel, go to work, drop pet food off at food bank. Return lunchtime, decide to take ALL dogs with me for Banshee's pet therapy visit to nursing home ... load up in the van, take off. arrive, decide to take Corey in also... big mistake, he is entirely too boisterous and loud for this facility ... give Banshee to friend while I take Corey back out to van, where he, DB and Snoopy nap while Banshee and I do pet therapy ... return home, stopping at store ... dogs are having wonderful naps ... when we get home, they reluctantly leave the van, and then come inside, where they continue to nap.... up again! Husband spots flocks of birds outside, eating our grass seed, rushes out with dogs, chases birds ... I join in, it is amazing, huge flocks of hundreds of birds, we chase them from one side of property to the other ... whew. Snoopy runs and jumps in wading pond, panting, Corey still running wildly back and forth ...  Banshee and DB circle from each side of flock, finally chase them across road ... getting chilly as evening approaches, mow a bit (still after those sandspurs!), water new plantings, then feed and kennel. No little Mattie this evening, she was here briefly this morning and again when we arrived back from nursing home, but left before the big bird chase ....

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