Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Nov.12

Another beautiful day! Bright and sunny, crisp and clear ... excellent morning run, joined by little Mattie, all in high fettle ...  husband has gone into town, feed and kennel while workers arriving ... do Corey's ears by myself (they arent hurting him as badly and seem improved) ... go to work. Stop by SPCA thrift store to see who's there for adoptions (Presley, sweet hound dawg, Angel, little fluffy possible Aussie mix, and a cute little Mama doxie-corgi-?? mix (who had 7 pups at the shelter, 5 adopted now) ... back to work, stop by county shelter, quickly walk Rufus (border collie, a delightful little pup) and Benny and Denny (matched set of some kind of terrier)  ... back to work, then home ... greeted by all 5 dogs at gate, they've been out keeping the men company ALL day (husband says Corey and Snoopy stole a bunch of stakes and insisted on playing fetch) and Snoopy has managed to get ... some black substance all over one side of her neck ... wont come off, but isnt sticky or oily ... take Corey inside for quick brush out, fix food, take all for evening run, then feed and kennel, make a last attempt at cleaning up Snoopy ... aargh.

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