Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday November 20

Another beautiful day! Dogs very excited on morning run, circling me all the way...  little Mattie joins us halfway down hill, back to trailer to get food, feed and kennel. Out again after digestive rest , take a brief run, then take Corey and Snoopy inside, Corey's back leg isnt too bad, put some hot spot spray on it ... he doesnt seem to be gnawing now ... brush him, clean ears (which  arent that bad), he actually hold still to be brushed. Snoopy's 'blackface' has worn off. Bring Banshee and DB in, brush Banshee, who is ecstatic at being brushed and wriggled all over... go out again, water trees. back in at lunch, the Damcat saunters in and out, all is fine unless he moves too fast ... take brief nap, then out again, water some more, and mow a bit (yes, there are still weeds growing, wild onions, and some sort of purple stuff (not the vetch that plagues us in the spring) ... little Mattie joins us late afternoon. Bring dogs in while I fix their supper, then feed and kennel. I am so VERY glad to be home, at least I dont have to go anywhere (overnight) for another year.

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