Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sat Nov.6

First freeze last night ... cold and clear in morning, brrr... go out an hour later than usual, still cold ... but dogs' water didnt freeze ... clean DB and Corey's pens (yeah yeah, i was an hour late) go for morning run, little Mattie joins us, return to get frood, husband is sick, feed and kennel by myself, Corey's ear bothering him... out again in an hour, go for a brief run, then inside, do the wash ... the Damcat now has Corey totally subdued, but Snoopy and Banshee still not cowed ... in and out, little Mattie sneaks inside, yikes, this is really too many dogs ... and she can get UNDER the cat gate ... mainly housework today, chilly out ... several runs, but short ones(10-15 min)... husband feeling better, go for van ride to BiLo ... return after dark, little Mattie waiting patiently for us ... feed and kennel.

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