Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday February 6

I'm feeling MUCH better today, thank the Lord, as the weather is beautiful! Sunny, in 50's... good morning run, feed and kennel, go to church ... return, taking dogs for run  ... Snoopy jumping into drainage pond, Corey finds a block of wood and is tossing it to himself ... a friend of husbands who has never met the dogs comes by ... his back window is open as he stops at gate and DB jumps in and makes herself at home on back seat (fortunately he doesnt mind, but I have GOT to cure her of this ...) we all troop back to trailer, Snoopy too wet to come in, I dry her off ... dogs are remarkably polite and friendly ... husband takes friend on tour of property, dogs follow them, joined by little Mattie, I return to pruning branches, Corey joins me... never do eat lunch... then load up dogs and into town to buy dog food, quick visit to Tractor Supply (where Corey finds a bag of dog food busted all over the floor, oh JOY!) and then PetSmart, then home, dark when get back, take dogs inside, the Damcat is totally surprised by the nightime invasion, he thinks the house is his at night ... fix food, back out, feed and kennel.

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