Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday Feb.10

Brief snow flurries in early morning, then stops ... let dogs out, morning run ... work on stay, but DB mainly interested in digging along fence line after some critter .... feed and kennel, go to work. On way home, on a back road, see a SUV stopped on roadside, man and woman around my age, man disabled, emergency flashers on, pull over to see what the problem is... they are trying to entice a puppy which has apparently been dumped , the puppy is scared to death. Get out with treats, finally get puppy to come to me, touch it, pick it up... couple agrees to take her home and see if they can find her a home (they have 2 inside dogs) nice folks ... get home right at dark, all 4  dogs greet me enthusiastically at gate, husband and workers still out working on shed ... let dogs inside, fix food, take them back out and feed and kennel.

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