Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Feb.21

Off work for President Day. Slept late, got up to beautiful warm springlike weather again ... morning run, joined by little Mattie, fed and kenneled. Out again to prune more trees ... dogs in fine spirits, rolling in grass, Snoopy jumping in drainage pond, Corey following me around with the branches I've cut ... looking back at Angel Ginger's blog from last year this time, we were also having beautiful springlike weather, and Angel ginger was helping me by carrying the branches from the piles and strewing them around ... very windy today, wind increasing through the day ... after lunch, take naps, then load up dogs and go into town with husband ... brief visit at PetSmart (quiet on Mondays) ... too late to go by park. Return home, dogs jump out of van, Banshee goes straight to shed and into her crate ... take others, including little Mattie who was waiting for us on evening run, then get food ... when DB, Mattie and I enter shed Banshee barks and grumps at DB (apparently Banshee was ready for supper when we got home and is ticked that we went for a run instead of eating immediately) ... settles down, feed and kennel. Little Mattie follows me back to porch, she has a busted toenail but wont let me clip it. I then go inside and the Damcat swipes at my leg (apparently he was hungry too, gosh, I just cant satisfy ALL at once!)

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