Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Oct.8

Warmer, but still nice ... morning run fed and kenneled. Snoopy eating well now. Have cut DB's food back a tad as she was getting a bit chunky... went to work. Stopped by SPCA thrift store, beautiful St Bernard up for adoption, what a sweet girl ... took condolence gift (pet memorial frame) to friend who lost her cocker spaniel Charlie Wednesday ... terrible traffic jam caused by wreck ... back to work ... by nursery to pick up plants at end of season sale ... home, Mattie waiting for us, let dogs out for evening run ... wildly excited, Snoopy lies on the hillside crouched down like a lion then leaps up and chases Mattie who runs under Corey, followed by Banshee with DB running around them in circles, joyous barks ringing out... feed and kennel. The new ear flush seems to be irritating Corey's ears, email vet, decide to stop the new flush and go back to Earoxide .A good day.

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