Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursday Oct 7

A bit warmer, but still really nice weather ... fixed food and left on washer as usual, the Damcat jumped up and knocked it off and began eating Snoopy's wet food (I put Snoopy's supplements in wet food in AM, as she sometimes wont eat her dry) ... giant mess, dog food all over husband's boots and even on wall ... clean it up, refix food, put in refrigerator ... go out and little Mattie waiting for me to let dogs out for AM run ... let dogs out, have glorious AM run but have to hurry because the concrete pour is today ... fed and kenneled, just in time, then to work. Returned, met by DB, Banshee and Snoopy, Corey inside ... brush him, let him out and do evening run ... no little Mattie. Fed and kenneled.

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