Sunday, October 31, 2010

How the Damcat got his name...

For those who've asked ... How the Damcat got his name ... well, when I got him as a kitten (10 plus yrs ago) I named him Slick (he has very lovely slick shiny fur) ... but he quickly developed a habit of stealing ... anything he could pick up, jewelry, pencils, small tools etc he'd pick up and take to his den in the closet. It got so whenever anything was missing, and i'd say 'where's the whatchacallit' my husband would say 'The dam cat got it' ... hence, Slick became the Damcat. Which incidentally, is how my pointer DB got HER name... when we discovered the 2 little puppies (DB and Banshee) under our toolshed, and, lured them out, DB (who is white and black like the Damcat) promptly stole my husband's screwdriver off his toolbelt and took off with it .. husband said 'oh no, it's the Damcat in dog form come to torment me' .. since DB was a girl, we named her Dam Bitch, but, since you cant really stand in your yard yelling 'here, DamBitch', I shortened it to DB.

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