Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday October 4

What a day! Morning run, fed and kenneled. Neighbor calls, another beighbor's animals have gotten loose, send husband to help while I finish packing van for big trip to the coast ... leave around quarter to 11. All dogs settle in to their crates, sleep peacefully til we stop for potty break around 1230, take them out 2 at a time, walk, potty, water, give treats, back in van. Settle down again. (they're great travelers!) Arrive at vets right at 2 PM, not bad traffic coming in. Wonderful vet, I love her, wish she were closer ... got new herbal meds for Corey's ears, got blood drawn for various testing (except poor Snoopy, who does better than at any other vet, and manages to maintain up to the point of having blood drawn, then freaks ... vet says she's too hyped to even sedate (
we've run into this before, had to give her enough to knock her out) so didnt get her one tooth checked either (she has a beautiful set of teeth, except for ONE)... vet commented on all their beautiful teeth, and no, I don't give lot of bones, but i do use PetZLife (great stuff). All the dogs have put on weight this summer (the lazy things), Db needs to slim down a bit. Others fine according to vet, very muscular and in good shape. Corey's hair loss and dry skin, did thyroid test (will get results later) but she suggested adding even MORE fish oil. Will do so. also will try a DAP collar on Snoopy (I have a DAP diffuser, but, the dogs are all pretty calm at home ... and only Snoopy totally flips when being restrained and something being done to her (bath, nails, vet check, whatever). I wish this vet were closer as she is very willing to 'work' with you, does all exams in front of you, which i appreciate not having to BEG to stay with my animals ... poor Banshee got her anals expressed (I CAN do this, but, am always worried I'll injure her) I think the last bout of the runs from the persimmons did her in. After nice vet visit, returned home. Had hoped to check out a dog park with beaches there, but, husband anxious to get home by dark... and Lordy the traffic come home was appalling. I'd shoot myself if I had to drive in that every day. Uneventful trip home, potty-water break (this time at a really bad location, next to a truck stop, never again... the dogsidnt seem to mind, but i sure did.) Home right after dark, disembark, and... little Mattie is waiting for us... get food, feed and kennel, use Corey's new ear wash and ear drops (a 2 prong process, twice a day...)

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