Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday Oct.5

Beautiful bright sunny crisp fall morning! Dogs burst out of pens, all excited, eager for a good run... Corey does a complete circuit (just like Angel Ginger used to...) then flings himself to the ground and rolls, grunting in pleasure... Snoopy also rolling and cavorting, Banshee and DB galloping in circles ... I guess the inactivity yesterday was a bit much for them... feed and kennel, do Corey's ears, go to work. Return lunchtime, fix lunch, pick up Banshee and go to nursing home for pet therapy ... Banshee seems a bit tired today, but rallies for treats ... then go to library, chiropractor (take Banshee in, she falls asleep, chiro remembers her as 'your quiet dog') then to PetSmart, pick up a DAP collar for Snoopy, Banshee gets several compliments on her pretty pink necklace (made by pet therapy leader, these are great, stretchy and very attractive...) and starts prancing around PetSmart batting her eyes ... stop briefly at grocery (sure is nice to be able to run into a store with a dog in the car again!) return home ... Snoopy outside, let Banshee out, Corey and DB inside (I have to re-intro Db and Banshee carefully after separation)... go inside, brush Corey, then take all for evening run with husband on other mower ... feed and kennel at nightfall.

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