Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sat Oct.23

Crisp and cool again, good morning run, fed and kenneled ... out again in an hour, another run, watered peach trees, joined by little Mattie ... back to trailer, load dogs into van (sorry little Mattie... only 4 crates) go to town with husband (who has to go to chiropractor) ... then to PetSmart with the whole family ... Corey is actually quite good (once I take his leash instead of DH), I walk Corey and Banshee, DH has DB and Snoopy .... then go to store and back home ... lunch, naps, the Damcat trotting into kitchen amidst all 4 dogs, totally unconcerned ... until Banshee goes into 'stalk mode' ... yikes, run, Damcat! afternoon-evening run (joined by little Mattie)... poor Corey has ear full of sandspurs... aargh.

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