Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thurs Oct.14

A bit cooler ... dogs cheerful and lively... saw 2 beautiful deer in the woods (ha! I spotted them before the dogs, unlikely as that seems ... the dogs were still up at the persimmon trees and i was coming down the hill, the 2 deer came out of the pine woods, spotted me, and hightailed it towards the hardwoods, white flags flying) ... fed and kenneled, went to work ... returned, 3 dogs meet me at gate... husband reports Banshee is limping, she is, she struggles to meet me in driveway... check her left hind leg, no flinching, pads OK, no injuries ... hmmm... go on brief run , poor Banshee limping gamely along ... little Mattie shows up for supper ...feed and kennel, give Banshee some arnica ... maybe she just twisted her leg somehow ...

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