Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday Oct. 26

Dense fog ... morning run, dogs cheerful, despite mist ... feed and kennel (no one has the runs, hooray for pumpkin!) go to work .. long day ... stopped by county shelter to meet volunteers there (I may add the county to my volunteer activities, although they do euthanize (injection) the 'adoptable' dogs (that vols work with) are out front and are 'safe' ... (I'm a coward, I can't work with death row dogs, too heartbreaking, i want to save them all ... I CAN share posts on FB, but I cant handle it in person) .. clears up, turns HOT (mid 80's)  return home, husband lets dogs out, take Corey back in briefly to groom him, fix food, go for evening run ... warm and very breezy ... I love to watch the dogs on a windy day, the 2 hunting dogs (DB and Corey) with their noses to the wind, poised in 'pointer and setter' stances ... Corey's red hair rippling in the wind ... mow a little (yikes, new sandspurs) return to trailer, little Mattie joins us for supper ... feed and kennel.

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