Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Oct.11

Off work today for Columbus Day! Morning run, feed and kennel. Out with husband and worker deciding where to put all the plants we got at the nursery Friday ... little Mattie joins us. Let other dogs out. Hot outside today! go in to cool off, dogs insist on coming in too ... catch up on email (didnt get weekly update out last night) ... back out again. Husband and worker finish planting crape myrtles, water them, also finish peach trees and mow some sandspurs. Dogs follow faithfully from side to side of property, laying in shade (it's almost 90 again.) Finish around 2, go in, have lunch, take nap. Up again, brush Corey (who has sandspurs in feathers and ears, poor guy) Back out again, little Mattie joins us for evening watering the new trees ... Snoopy just loves playing with Mattie, is so sad when she doesnt come over ... feed and kennel at nightfall.

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