Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wed Oct 27

Cloudy, rain threatening ... quick morning run, feed and kennel ... go to work...didnt rain, but warm and muggy... go by county shelter, get 'oriented', walk one dog (very sweet little spitz) ... back to work, then home ... now they say bad storms coming ... evening run, joined by little Mattie, DB and Banshee catch a mouse in a pile of wood under old carport (hooray, my great hunters!)... getting dark, threatening rain ... feed and kennel... starts drizzling as leave kennels ... later in evening bad storms, lots of rain ... I really hate it when the storms come in the night, at least in the daytime I can see it coming and get in the tornado shelter... haven't done a 'drill' yet with the dogs and Corey's never gone down into the shelter before ... its difficult to get them in cause the steps are steep and 'hidden' ... one of my last memories with Angel Ginger was when we had a middle of the night tornado warning, got all the dogs and Angel Ginger followed me right down without a pause, I always said, she'd have followed me thru the gates of hell..

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