Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Oct. 10

Another warm day ... morning run, fed and kenneled, went to church.. return and husband had gone to store. little Mattie greets me, let others out, go for run, it's HOT! Water a few trees, then inside for lunch, clean Corey's ears ... then out again ... we're in back of property when husband returns, back down to trailer to help him unload, put away groceries, then lay down to read, fall asleep. Awakened by Corey barking his head off, JoAnn and Chase and Maggie have arrived! Go out, have a wonderful few hours of running, stop to talk to neighbor in back, the 3 Irish setters looking very beautiful, Corey spots a hawk and takes off chasing it ... eat persimmons (Maggie and Chase not interested), chew sticks and blocks of wood ... husband joins us briefly on tractor (wish he'd brought a camera, all 6 dogs laying around picturesquely) ... little Mattie didnt show up again, intimidated by 2 MORE Irishes, i guess ... JoAnn leaves (Maggie jumps right IN her truck this time) ... water some more trees, then feed and kennel. a great day!

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