Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Oct.17

Another beautiful day ... SC in the fall can be so lovely ... cool in morning (40's), brisk morning run, feed and kennel, go to church ... return, take dogs and water pear trees in back .. little Mattie joins us, slips through fence again to torment neighbor's dog, then back, return to trailer for lunch, afternoon nap. (Yes, I am a firm believer in afternoon naps, when I can take one, my dear departed daddy always took a nap and lived to his mid 90's...) Let dogs in and out, brush Banshee and Corey. Poor Corey has his ears full of sandspurs ... no idea where he gets them, he's a magnet! just like Angel Ginger ... she managed to keep her feathers and feet cleaned of sandspurs ... poor Corey tries, but hasn't the 'knack' yet...  the Damcat keeps coming into the kitchen, Banshee and Snoopy are the problem, they want to charge ... Corey now pretty much ignores the Damcat as does DB... put Damcat in bathroom, put wash in washer. Go back out ... water the peach trees back behind the gazebo, the two pears in the very back (that I keep forgetting), find out the hosepipe to one set of fir trees has somehow come loose underground, yikes... go back down to report this to husband, who has planted a butterfly bush near the apple trees (to draw bees to pollinate) and has left the water ON to an apple tree (which probably wont need watering again any time soon) ... back inside briefly to fix dog supper, out again for one last run, little Mattie has joined us, carrying a HUGE soup bone, which Corey then appropriates ... I take it from him, it's been COOKED ....throw in trash to loud complaints from Mattie and Corey. Give them extra yummy treats to compensate... husband finishing up boxwood planting ... feed and kennel, husband joins in time to help with Corey's ears (he gives Corey the peanut butter-tooth stuff I give for their teeth while I clean ears and put in drops). Corey and Snoopy need more water, fill their buckets, give everyone dried tripe as evening chewie. A great day! God is good.

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