Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saturday Oct.9

Beautiful day, in the 80's ... morning run, fed and kenneled, cleaned Corey up for today's adventure, a trip to All Saints for animal blessing... Corey all  revved up, in high gear ... put the DAP collar (which I bought for Snoopy) on him... stopped briefly at Bonafide, then to blessing. JoAnn and Chase and lucy and one of her dogs there. Corey was fairly well behaved, only one or two 'I'm bored' barks ... stole Chase's ball and then lay with it between his paws .. after blessing, went to PetSmart, I actually managed to stand and talk to people for a few minutes without Corey barking ... then went by library to drop off boks, and then to Hopeland Gardens... big wedding going on, Corey was fine, primarily interested in sniffing the ivy ... sat and watched the ducks and turtles, a little Chinese girl came over and petted Corey, an elderly lady remarked how 'sweet' he was ... leaving, got behind a lady and her elderly mom, they moved aside so we could get by, lady commented on how 'nicely' Corey walked on leash, she has a Gordon setter than 'pulls her down'... I told her about the magic of front hook harnesses... back home, greeted at gate by DB, Snoopy and Banshee, let Corey out at gate, return to trailer for afternoon nap. ,,, later was working at computer, Snopy asleep on one side, Corey asleep on other, Banshee right by Corey, DB behind me ... and the Damcat saunters into the room, jumps over Corey and onto my computer, Banshee spots him, jumps up, knocking into Corey who springs up ... the Damcat leaps onto the couch, Snoopy and DB wake up... Banshee is frantic... holler for husband, get dogs into kitchen and get them to sit whi;le the Damcat streaks back thru hall, whew, close one ... the dogs one at a time, or even two, the Damcat can hold them at bay, but with 4 dogs and no escape route... anyway. Settled down again. Later go out to water trees and concrete, little Mattie joins us... wild exuberant play commences ... they run around like lunatics, Corey and little Mattie barking at the top of their lung ... WOOF WOOF... yip yip ... then all collapse around wherever I am, drink water, lay around a bit to catch their breath and they're off again ... evening falling, heading back to trailer, husband emerges with food (I'd fixed earlier) ... fed and kenneled.

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